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EVO ICL™: Option for Nearsightedness & Astigmatism

People (Even Celebrities) Are Talking About EVO!

The EVO ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a procedure that can correct a wide range of nearsightedness or astigmatism without the removal or destruction of corneal tissue. At The Wright Eye Center, we are recommending EVO for more and more patients because the vision results are incredible. Ideal patients are typically those who have the refractive errors mentioned above in addition to thin corneas and/or a history of dry eye.

What is EVO?  

EVO is a small lens implant made of biocompatible Collamer, a material that doesn’t typically cause any reaction inside the eye. It also contains an ultraviolet light filter. EVO is implanted behind your iris and in front of your natural eye lens during a relatively comfortable 20-30 minute outpatient procedure. Your natural eye lens remains in place, allowing your eyes to adjust between seeing objects at all distances. EVO provides predictable refractive outcomes and good quality of vision due to its placement inside the eye as well as its optical performance. 

EVO remains in your eye at all times, unlike a regular contact lens that can be removed. Although intended to be permanent, the procedure is reversible if your vision significantly changes or you simply no longer want the lens implant.  

Watch the video below to learn more about EVO.  

With EVO, you may actually forget you have an ICL in your eye! That’s because the ICL:   

  • Cannot get dirty and it will not dry out when it is in your eye 
  • Cannot be seen by the naked eye 
  • Cannot be felt after it is implanted – it does not attach to any structures within the eye and should not move around after it is placed 

Celebrities are Loving the EVO ICL!

Joe Jonas, Peyton List and Max Strus are just a few celebrities/athletes who have had successful EVO procedures. You can watch their stories by clicking on the videos below.

Summary of EVO Benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses
  • Reduced risk of dry eye
  • Lens works in harmony with your natural eye
  • Improved night vision
  • Barrier of UV protection
  • Procedure takes 20-30 minutes
  • Permanent, yet removable by a doctor if needed
  • Corneal tissue remains intact

Our team has performed numerous ICL procedures, helping many patients enjoy visual freedom. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation, free Consultation to find out if the EVO ICL in Colorado Springs might be right for you!  

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