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Canaloplasty: a Glaucoma Procedure Option 

At The Wright Eye Center, we always look for surgery alternatives to correct vision problems whenever possible. When treating glaucoma, surgery is not always the right course of action. Often, we are able to control eye pressure by prescribing medicated eye drops. While this is not a cure for glaucoma, this route can prevent further vision loss and blindness.  

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If glaucoma medications are ineffective, we may recommend laser surgery or conventional surgery. We also have another option called canaloplasty that is designed to enhance and restore your eye’s natural drainage system and keep your eye pressure in normal ranges. Canaloplasty utilizes breakthrough microcatheter technology in a minimally invasive procedure that can, in many cases, reduce the intraocular pressure by 30-50%. 

How Canaloplasty is Done  

  1. Dr. John Wright creates a tiny incision on your eye to gain access to a canal in the eye. 
  1. He then uses a microcatheter to circumnavigate the canal around your iris, enlarging the main drainage channel and its smaller collector channels by injecting a sterile, gel-like material called viscoelastic.  
  1. The catheter is then removed and a suture is placed within the canal and tightened. This tightened suture ensures that the canal remains open. By opening the canal, the pressure inside your eye will be relieved. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma and you would like to learn more about glaucoma treatments in Colorado Springs, please contact us today to schedule an eye exam with our team. We will assess your eye health and let you know if we would recommend one of our glaucoma treatments to preserve your eye health.  

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