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Dream of Clear Vision? Let us Recommend the Right Lens for You!  

What Type of Vision do You Want?  

  • Clear reading vision 
  • Clear distance vision 
  • Correction of astigmatism
  • I want it all: clear vision at all distances 

We May Have a Solution for You!  

Cataract surgery in Colorado Springs can be truly life-changing for many patients. That’s because your natural cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear Intraocular Lens (IOL).

“I think there’s nothing to improve because I am very happy with your services.”

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Types of IOLS 

The artificial lens that is inserted into your eye is called an Intraocular Lens (IOL). You’ll hear a lot about different IOL types when you start considering cataract surgery. That’s because IOL technology has absolutely exploded with amazing opportunities to provide you with the very best vision possible after surgery.

At The Wright Eye Center, we work hard to help our patients fully understand what IOL options exist, how each one can improve vision and the costs associated with each type. Here is a quick overview of some of the options we offer:

  • Monofocal IOL: the TECNIS® monofocal IOL provides clear vision for either distance or up-close vision; most patients still need glasses after surgery
  • Multifocal IOL: the TECNIS® multifocal IOL has multiple focusing zones which are built into the lens to allow clear vision at multiple distances; many patients do not need glasses after surgery
  • Trifocal IOL: the PanOptix® IOL delivers an exceptional combination of near, intermediate and distance vision while significantly reducing the need for glasses after surgery
  • Extended Depth of Focus IOL: the AcrySof IQ Vivity® Extended Depth of Focus IOL is an option that can provide a continuous, extended range of vision; most patients don’t need glasses with this exclusive non-diffractive lens
  • Toric IOL: the toric versions of our IOLs are designed to correct astigmatism

These artificial lenses come in different powers similar to a contact lens. Measurements taken pre-operatively help predict what power will be needed. We understand that all of this information can be very confusing! As stated earlier, we will go through each option in depth so you can decide which option is right for you.

Our team has performed thousands of cataract surgeries, helping many patients restore clarity and vibrancy to their vision. Contact us today to schedule a Cataract Evaluation in Colorado Springs to find out if the time might be right for cataract surgery.

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